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Juneteeth is an annually celebrated holiday commemmorating the freedom of former slaves in the United States. The name comes from June 19th, the day freedom was announced to all. Even though the Emancipation Proclamation of 1865 was put to action, word did not spread until a few months later.

Below are resources to learn more, commemmorate, and celebrate Juneteenth and civil rights.

What is Juneteenth?

NAACP and Revolt- Livestream Celebration

The NAACP (National Assocciation of the Advancement of Colored People) and Revolt is sponsoring the Juneteenth Black Family Reunion at 4pm EST! Tune in through YouTube here.


The Smithsonian Museum and their affiliates has many resources, videos, and photos about the history of Juneteenth available online.

Northwest African American Museum

The NAAM showcases virtual exhibitions and art in commemoration of Juneteenth and civil rights available for the public.

The Spady Museum and also has resources on their website.



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